About us

Mission Statement

It is our passion to be good stewards of our environment and manage weeds and pests in a way that enhances your investment in your property.

Titan Weed and Pest Management has nearly 35 years of experience managing weed and pest solutions in Southern Idaho. Pests include insects of course, but we also consider weeds and rodents as pests.


Vision Statement

Titan Weed and Pest Management strives for professional excellence in all areas of our business.

Our intention is to deliver our services at a high standard, display honesty and integrity in our actions, and act responsibly toward our customers and the environment. The depth of knowledge we possess combined with our exemplary work ethic qualifies us above others.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental sustainability is important to us so we use Integrated Pest Management solutions with a low environmental impact and safe for animals and people whenever possible. The implementation of an integrated pest management plan means that we evaluate our customers concerns and deliver the most cost-effective solution which may not involve use of chemicals.

  • Conscious of protecting our waterways
  • Chemicals are not always the best solution

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